Veolia in the Czech Republic

We at Veolia Group assume that people are part of nature and that the entire ecosystem of our planet is interconnected with shared ties. In the same way, Group companies in their cooperation and synergy create a single operational entity. We are here for you, whether you need WATER, ENERGY or WASTE MANAGEMET. We are #oneVeolia.



Veolia is a leading provider of services in the Czech water management market. Ensures the production and distribution of drinking water and sewage and waste water treatment and provides know-how in the field of water management infrastructure based on years of experience. Veolia  has operated in the Czech Republic since 1996. Over 1,150 municipalities in the Czech Republic entrusted the operation of water management infrastructure to Veolia based on the operating.

For 27 industrial partners Veolia operates the equipment of the partners through outsourcing or provide external production and wastewater treatment in facilities, where already operates.


Veolia is one of the largest producers and suppliers of heat in the Czech Republic and provides support services for the Czech transmission system. Veolia is been operating in the Czech Republic since 1991 in the following regions: Moravian-Silesian, Olomouc, Central Bohemia, Karlovy Vary and Prague. Veolia is also a major independent producer of electricity and beyond the supplies of heat and electricity provides its clients with comprehensive range of energy services.


Veolia Group’s Waste Division offers comprehensive waste management services focused on maximising waste re-use or recycling, thus minimising potential waste disposal. In the Group, the division is also responsible for the reliable and economical re-use of by-products from the water and energy sectors, all of this while meeting the stringent requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development. 



3.5 million inhabitants supplied

1,060 municipal partners

25 industrial partners

4,656 employees

Turnover: CZK 15.96 billion 



District heating supplies 324, 293 households

2,263 employees 

Sales of electricity: 3,827 GWh

Sales of heat: 14,201 TJ

Annual Cold supply: 278,724 GWh

Turnover: CZK 11,3 billion (413,8 mil. €)



14,000 tonnes of collected waste

90,000 tonnes of by-products