6 december 2017

VEOLIA participates in the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project REEF 2W project

In 2017, VEOLIA ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA, a.s. signed a partnership agreement in the scope of the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project as a part of wide group of 11 applicants coming from various regions in the European Union targeting the improved energy management in the water management.

The project package on behalf of Veolia activities in the Czech Republic includes design, verification and pilot scale expriments to increase production of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency at water&wastewater facilities, operated by Veolia by implementing new methods of urban wastewater and organic waste management systems. Among other pilots, an one that will verify the ability to treat the produced biogas to the quality of CNG will be proposed and designed. Another part of the project includes complex assessment and verification of new system of municipal wastewater sludge management that aims at reduction of the total produced amount of the sludge.

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