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Photo Credits:

AWL Images, Courtesy of QGC/BG Group, Confab/VWS Brasil LTDA, Clover Images, Corbis, Design Pics, Digital Vision, E+, Glowimages , Godefroy/SNCF, Iconica, IStock/360, OEM Images, Photodisc,, Kacper Kowalski, National Geographic, Moment, Royalty-Free/Corbis, Sodapix AG, Shin Takahashi, Iser, Stockbite, Stone,Tara Expéditions, Tetra Images, Jose Luis Stephens/Radius Images.

Veolia Photo Library:

Salah Benacer, Samuel Bigot/Andia, Alexis Duclos, Philippe Eranian, Olivier Guerrin, Stéphane Lavoué, Eric Lefeuvre, Christophe Majani, d'Inguimbert, Jean-Philippe Mesguen, Manolo Mylonas, Jean-Marie Ramès, RMN-Grand Palais/Jean-Gilles Berizzi, Justin Sutcliff/Interlinks Image, Munem Wasif/Agence VU.

Veolia Foundation Photo Library :

Archives Dalkia

Archives Sedif